Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Business coaching, re-engineering, and systems improvement may all seem like abstract concepts, but establishing and achieving goals translates to real-life benefits. 19Seventeen works on every element of the business plan from Mission, Vision, Goal Setting, Financials, Sales, Industry Analysis, Market Analysis, Business Operations, Team Development, Strategic Partnerships, and Exit Strategies. 

As we work with clients, we get to know them on a personal level and become deeply vested in their successes. Read about how 19Seventeen has transformed businesses like yours into success stories below.

What do you look for in a business coach?

Taking the plunge to re-engineer your business is a big step. What do you look for in a business coach and mentor? This in-depth process requires a time commitment as it involves taking a deep dive into all of the components of your business, drafting and achieving goals, and monitoring successes. You don’t want to hire just anyone for this important business relationship. Your criteria for a business coach go beyond their education and experience; you also want to hire a business mentor who listens, cares, and provides constructive criticism that can truly spark innovation and change. We understand and respect that this decision is a highly personal one. Read through our success stories or scroll through our testimonials and see how our business coaches for entrepreneurs programs have helped our clients grow and establish their business’s and achieve their goals. 

19Seventeen Praise

Eric was invited to be part of a Virtual Coaching Rapid-Fire Session in November 2020 to advise on ways that businesses can pivot to stay viable during the pandemic. The speakers were allowed 25 minutes per business owner, and afterward, Eric received the following praise from one of the entrepreneurs he advised.

“I loved our meet-up. I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Your advice on how I market my business was exciting and exuberating; I so appreciate you. One of the difficulties of a small business owner (faces) in the midst of COVID is the psychological impact. How does a small business owner keep her energy high in the midst of so much difficulty? And just in case you didn’t know, you spoke life into my business perspective. Every business owner needs coaching…”