We Transform the Goals of Your Business into Reality

Congratulations, you’ve achieved some success in your business and desire more. You are successful and you strive towards your next goal. They call you an over achiever and may have dared to doubt you, but to the person in the mirror, you are focused in working relentlessly towards your goal. Nothing and no one will stop you.

Clarity for Business Owners

Ensures decisions are made with the utmost of confidence.

We Work with Clients

By creating wins in their business. We do this by working together with you through an in-depth analysis of you and your company .

We Use a Phased Approach

Which includes, goal setting, strategy development, implementation, and accountability.

About 19Seventeen℠, LLC:

19Seventeen℠ is a Business Development company focusing on creating exceptional and sustained Business Growth for its clients.  We accomplish this through a business analysis, strategy development, and phased implementation by working with business owners while quantifying to the expected outcomes of those strategies. 

Every business is different as every owner is different and there are no “cookie cutter” approaches. Each approach is unique as each individual business owner and their company is unique.

The name, 19Seventeen℠, LLC is derived from the year the United States Virgin Islands was purchased from Denmark, and officially transferred March 31, 1917 to the United States of America. The founder of the company is originally from the USVI and having much significance as its meaning, in part, a new beginning. 

The Logo is a version of the water symbol drawn by the Taino Indians, who were natives of the Caribbean region. The pre-Columbian Taino society had no written alphabet.  They had a language called Arawakan, which consisted of petroglyphs, artistic symbols that were carved on rocks. Living on islands, water was an important element to the Taino Indians, and to the modern-day residents of the islands. In many cultures, the water symbol signifies cleansing or a renewal.  

The marriage of the name of the company and it’s logo is fitting as it symbolizes a new beginning and a renewal or cleansing. Business Growth is all about creating anew and moving forward with clarity. 

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 Spirited 1, LLC

Spirited 1, LLC

Carmen Jean-Baptiste, Owner

“Thanks again for working with me in improving my business and teaching me on how to grow my business in successful way. I am so happy you were there to intervene when necessary and get clarity on the business plans for my business. I must say you’re awesome, my son enjoyed your expertise and knowledge. Your work with me has given me the confidence to move forward with my business in a professional way. I can move on with confidence, thank you very much. I can view my business growth in many different ways.”



Henry Figueredo, Owner and Inventor

"Working with William was a great experience. William is very professional and knows a lot about starting a business. He is also very patient and understanding. William helped me see things from a totally different angle and thanks to him I was able to make wiser business decisions. I highly recommend William as a business consultant. Thank you William for all your help!"

Live Well, LLC

Live Well, LLC

Lina Salazar, Founder, Head Coach

"I worked with Eric thanks to an opportunity provided to me by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The best thing about working with Eric is that he understood my business and mission. His support was particularly valuable on the marketing and sales front. Thanks to our work together, I got more comfortable with my sales pitch and tactics and enhanced my understanding of the basics of building a pipeline of clients. Eric also pushed me to think big, in terms of systems, rather than one-off services. Personally, Eric was fun and easy to work with. As a small businesswoman, Eric's guidance was highly valuable."

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