About Us

The Team at 19Seventeen

19Seventeen was founded by Senior Business Growth Consultant and Coach William “Eric” Linzey. We provide professional consultations, mentorship, coaching, and advising, while introducing a fresh perspective to re-engineer and reinvigorate businesses of all types. With an enthusiastic, supportive approach, they partner with their clients to engage them in thought processes that inspire them to maximize their personal and professional potential
with clear, scalable results.

19Seventeen℠ is a Business Development company focusing on creating exceptional and sustained Business Growth for its clients.  We accomplish this through business analysis, strategy development, and phased implementation by working with business owners while quantifying the expected outcomes of those strategies. 

Every business is different as every owner is different, and there are no “cookie-cutter” approaches. Each approach is unique as each business owner and their company is unique.

The name 19Seventeen℠, LLC is derived from the year the United States Virgin Islands was purchased from Denmark and officially transferred to the United States on March 31, 1917. The company’s founder is originally from the USVI and has much significance as its meaning, in part, a new beginning. 

The Logo is a version of the water symbol drawn by the Taino Indians, natives of the Caribbean region. The pre-Columbian Taino society had no written alphabet.  They had a language called Arawakan, which consisted of petroglyphs and artistic symbols carved on rocks. Living on islands, water was an essential element to the Taino Indians and the modern-day residents of the islands. In many cultures, the water symbol signifies cleansing or renewal.  

The marriage of the company’s name and logo is fitting as it symbolizes a new beginning, renewal, or cleansing. Business Growth is all about creating anew and moving forward with clarity. 

Our Team

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William “Eric” Linzey

Owner & Senior Business Coach/Consultant

Accredited Small Business Growth Consultant by the Association of Small Business Owners, Eric Linzey has 25 diverse years of experience working in the private and public sectors. Here at 19Seventeen, he is passionate about providing business owners with the tools they need to get past adversity and achieve the success they deserve.

Originally from the Caribbean, Eric was born in the US Virgin Islands and later lived in St. Maarten and Saba. With the beaches as his backyard, he enjoyed the beauty of the tropical islands–swimming, fishing, and thriving. His elders passed on to him the ability to cherish the islands not only for the sandy beaches and warm waters, but also to respect their sometimes volatile climate. The seasonal threat of tropical storms and hurricanes imparted him with the knowledge and foresight to prepare for and adapt to any situation–a philosophy he applies to his business as well as his daily life.  

Eric graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Geography & Environmental Planning and later went on to the University of Maryland Global Campus (formerly UMUC), earning a Masters in Business Administration. He earned the prestigious Alumni Achiever Award, which pays tribute to those who have made a significant contribution to supporting the UMUC’s mission. Awarded to only three individuals per year, Eric was honored for both his commitment to UMUC’s Career Mentor Program and his volunteer efforts at various alumni events throughout the academic year. Eric’s training has further been enriched with a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.

A seasoned traveler, Eric has managed teams all over the world, from the US to the Caribbean to Africa to Latin America with leadership roles in project and program management as well as emergency management. Areas of focus have included coastal zone management and climate change, food security, agriculture, land surveying, disaster risk reduction and mitigation, and more. His past work has included roles as:

  • Cartographer & International Affairs Program Analyst for the United States Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Washington DC
  • Accredited Advisor to the United States Government at United Nations Meetings in Geneva, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and Central America
  • Land Surveyor and Planner with a focus on environmental affairs, spatial development, public housing, and public policy

Eric takes this depth and breadth of knowledge with him to provide a unique and qualified perspective to his business coaching, management, and mentorship work. Along with his experience, he brings to the table a positive attitude and enthusiasm that puts his clients at ease. Frequently praised for his keen listening skills, strong work ethic, honesty, and follow-through, Eric has positively impacted countless businesses through his coaching. Passing along his commitment to integrity and quality, he inspires his clients to stay motivated throughout their business improvement process.