Financial Success Story

When beginning to work with a client, I believe it’s important to first switch the focus to see the business from their perspective. Only with this understanding, can we truly get to the heart of the matter and re-engineer their business. 

My coaching for a company in the health services industry began with asking my client a series of questions about her business–from her eyes. The problem, as she stated, was that her business had not met revenue or produced a profit in the span of time in which she had worked for her company. She needed clarity. She and her team had put in plenty of hard work; what they needed was to work smarter.

Establishing Goals

We started her coaching sessions by identifying her goals, and from there, we were able to begin the process of monetizing those goals. I helped enhance her literacy in finance.


  • Discussed what her “break-even” number was
  • Went over cash flow
  • Reviewed balance sheets, profit and loss, and other crucial financial reports

From there, we discussed:

  • Net profits
  • Gross profits 
  • Margin percentages
  • Cost of production 

With the clarified objectives in place, we analyzed her offerings and pricing structure. I quickly realized that these offerings and pricing structures were not aligned with her primary goals, quality of service, or market value. In response, I coached the client to create condensed and simplified offerings that had a higher value and a price point to align with the increased value.

Streamlining Product Offerings

Upon further research, it was also revealed that her former product offerings provided too many choices which was creating confusion for her prospective customers. Streamlining her products and offerings helped hone in on her client base and give them clarity about her offerings by eliminating this guessing game. With standardized pricing, she now knew how many clients and prospects were needed for her business to meet her monthly financial goals. This process removed the mystery, and therefore the anxiety of not knowing whether or not they were meeting their sales goals.

Achieving Sales Goals

Knowing her numbers underpins the importance of achieving a clear path in her day-to-day business operations. By the fourth month of the process, the client was diligent and disciplined in achieving her primary sales goals. Ready to move forward, we established a new set of goals that focused on enhancing the sales process. The client then sought larger dollar value contracts, and successfully earned two large contracts within the first four months of beginning the 19Seventeen coaching process–something she did not envision was achievable when she first signed up.

Positioning for Success

Coaching the client through this process involved translating theory into reality. It began as an abstract thought, but by breaking down the components into small, scalable pieces, we were able to put the wheels in motion to make this forecast a reality. The client was thrilled to be able to identify, map out, and achieve her goals. She moved from ambiguity to clarity in ways that she never imagined. With 19Seventeen’s help, her company was able to reap the rewards of a fruitful business revitalization, she also got an increased sense of confidence in her ability to achieve her business’ financial goals.

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