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Do you feel that your business or enterprise is underperforming or in need of some fine-tuning? Perhaps you would like to refine and clarify your business vision and strategy, or you are having issues with operations, management systems, or hiring and retaining high-quality employees. We can help unleash that potential.

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In addition, Eric has frequently been recognized by current and past clients and collaborative partners who have taken the time out to express praise and thanks for his services. We compiled a list of responses to the question:

"What made you work with 19Seventeen?”

The responses are as follows:
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"I always appreciated that you were accessible if I ever needed you - outside of our standing weekly meetings. That is if I wanted to run an idea by you or ask for some quick advice on something before making a big decision. You promptly returned my calls, emails, and texts."
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"I always felt that you had my best interest at heart and truly were a champion for my success. And, I always felt that you were just an authentic person."
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"As you may recall, I first met you at a presentation you were giving to entrepreneurs in Silver Spring. At the first meeting and throughout our entire time together, I always was in awe of your insight and information. You know your stuff! And you're so smart and analytical! You always broke the information down in clear and concise, bite-size pieces that even a newbie like me could understand. And your model was great! You helped me understand my own thinking at the onset which helped set the stage for our coaching sessions, and you focused on great strategies and tactics."
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"You have a lot of experience and knowledge that I admire and learn from. I like working with professionals that I can grow with. I like being able to work with you because it helps me grow as well. And I have fun learning with you. I like that we have discussions about challenging thoughts and that your opinions are usually if not always backed up by actual data and facts."
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"You're very approachable and easy to talk to. You peppered so many real-life examples into my coaching, which helped me process things. And you're so much fun!! I really looked forward to our coaching sessions. They were never stuffy or a drag."
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"I always felt that you were a straight shooter (no chaser). I took your advice and coaching very seriously, and I trusted your guidance."
Work ethic
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"You have the capacity to think outside the box to ensure your clients have a full understanding of what you are teaching."