You, the Business Owner,
Founder, Creator, and Decision Maker

You are a business owner. That is no small feat! It means you came up with an idea, developed a business plan, assembled a team, and put your heart and soul into developing a product, and a fulfillment system to support it, among many other monumental tasks along the way. Believe us, it’s not something that just anyone can do!

First off, congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished; building a business is not for the faint of heart.

The Squeaky Wheel

Sometimes, despite your best and most heroic business efforts, one or more elements of your business just aren’t functioning properly. The wheel that runs your business gets rusty, so to speak, and doesn’t roll smoothly to facilitate the transport of goods and services in a seamless way. Such challenges could include:

  • Unclear mission statement
  • Poorly-defined goals
  • Difficulty with understanding client base and attracting, and retaining customers
  • Trouble with hiring and retaining qualified employees
  • Poorly-defined roles or confusion of responsibilities
  • Miscommunication between employees or departments
  • Inadequate documentation
  • Ineffective fulfillment systems or trouble with keeping on top of production
  • Staying passionate and inspired
  • Perhaps most importantly, maintaining a profit!

When you encounter recurring challenges, you may feel tethered to constraints that prevent your business from being all that you had envisioned. So, when faced with these stumbling blocks, do you repair the wheel, adapt it for other purposes, or create an alternate method? It’s a tough challenge to tackle, but fortunately, you aren’t alone. The coaches at 19Seventeen are seasoned professionals, experts at working with business owners to recognize problems and strategize to implement solutions.

Our Offerings

19Seventeen works on every element of the business plan from mission, vision, goal setting, financials, sales, industry analysis, market analysis, business operations, team development, strategic partnerships, and exit strategies. Our objective is to provide business coaching, advising, consulting, and mentoring in a way that builds your business through the creation of sustainable habits, improved behaviors, and expanded mindsets to ensure you are making strategic steps to move toward the company you want.

The Fit for Growth Business Immersion and Transition Process

19Seventeen’s Fit for Growth Business Transition Process is specifically designed to scale and optimize your business for sustained growth by working through each of your business’s vital components. This process is focused on business operations, however, the best way to ensure that a business thrives is by developing its most vital component: you!

Whether you opt for group or individual coaching, our goal is to ensure that entrepreneurs are positioned as sustainable and thriving businesses in the long term. These business coaching programs are about building or rebuilding a business one block at a time, and strategizing to do it the best way the first time. This process is not a quick fix; it requires a holistic, 360-degree look at your business and its inner workings. This process requires time,  and a system of testing, and tracking the results.

Group and Individual Coaching

Both processes are for serious business owners or startups who are interested in more than just dipping their toes into the water but in working with us to fully commit to building, growing, and revamping their business. The recommended time commitment to see the benefits reflected in your business is one year.

The Fit For Growth Immersion and Transition Process

Group Coaching

Your coaching will take place among a community of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs, while you receive guidance, strategies, and tactics relevant to your unique situation.

  • Weekly interactive group coaching sessions are 90 minutes in length and held virtually 
  • Small, collaborative classes have between 3-12 businesses or individuals per group
  • Access to the knowledge of two accomplished business owners with a combined 50 years of experience in business acumen
  • The first three months consist of weekly group meetings that cover a variety of topics to identify and address day-to-day and various business challenges
  • The focus during this timeframe is on client work in an interactive group setting, with opportunities to meet in between meetings to discuss specific topics for your business
  • Once you complete the 90-day training cycle, you transition to a 9-month process where together, we will establish your goals and develop a re-engineering plan to optimize your business for success
  • This process requires a one-year commitment


  • You may also schedule one 1:1 coaching session per month
  • You may continue to attend the weekly group sessions for up to one year, if you choose
  • You are provided with a cloud tool to document progress, account for goals, and share support materials
  • You will receive evergreen access to the online portal

Individual Coaching

Your coaching will be held 1:1, and will provide an in-depth examination and analysis of your business, with specific goal-setting strategies and re-engineering solutions for you and your enterprise.

  • Four intensive, hands-on 1:1 coaching sessions per month with undivided attention, plus access to the interactive Group Coaching sessions 
  • Access to the knowledge of two accomplished business owners with a combined 50 years of experience in business acumen
  • Fully immersive and in-depth 1:1 business mentoring and coaching process is designed to re-engineer and optimize a business for longevity and growth
  • The focus during this timeframe is on client work which is completely individualized to your needs
  • We work with you to identify your challenges from A-Z, set your goals, and develop a custom plan to re-engineer, optimize, and revitalize your business for a path to success
  • This process will be tailor-made to the needs of your business
  • This process has a 4-month minimum commitment; a 1-year commitment strongly encouraged


  • You may continue to attend the weekly group sessions for the duration of your involvement
  • You are provided with a cloud tool to document progress, account for goals, and share support materials
  • You will receive evergreen access to the online portal

The GrowthWheel®

You may be wondering how 19Seventeen tackles that “squeaky wheel” we spoke about above. Well, one way is to treat it with another wheel. 

We incorporate the use of the GrowthWheel® in all our mentoring, whether you pursue the individual or group coaching track. 

“Make decisions. Take action.” – GrowthWheel®

19Seventeen is certified in administering the GrowthWheel®, a visual toolbox and cloud-based platform used to help entrepreneurs and growth companies make decisions and take action. This interactive project management tool is groundbreaking in setting mission statements and goals, establishing and tracking metrics, progress, and more. Engineered in Denmark, the GrowthWheel® is used by companies of all types and sizes, across public and private sectors, and all over the world.

GrowthWheel® is used by companies of all types and sizes, across public and private sectors, and all over the world.

“I absolutely enjoy using GrowthWheel® as it is an intuitive cloud system for the business coach and the business owner. GrowthWheel® is designed to document, track and share ideas and information with the client ensuring tracking of progress and success as they improve their business over time. I can communicate with clients about our work, and the information can be accessed anytime!  It really streamlines the process of setting and achieving goals!”

–Eric Linzey

How Does GrowthWheel® Work?

Workable on paper or on the cloud, GrowthWheel® provides a visual way of looking at a business from all angles. On a basic level, it works as follows:

The four colors represent four challenges that are standard across all businesses. They are as follows:

  1. Yellow: Creating an attractive business concept 
  2. Red: Establishing a strong organization behind it 
  3. Green: Building lasting customer relations
  4. Blue: Maintaining profitable operations 

Within these four major sections are subsections that fall under the general theme. From there, you can identify, evaluate, gauge, and work toward the goals you established, with guidance from 19Seventeen.

With GrowthWheel® training by 19Seventeen, you can:

  • Use the scorecard to achieve and track results
  • Prioritize particular sections or goals you want to emphasize
  • Make a list of priorities you can save as a draft or share with your 19Seventeen coach for feedback
  • Make a 360-degree screen to share with your 19Seventeen coach for feedback
  • Create decisions or actions that are automatically transferred into a 30/60/90 day action plan that you can check off as you complete them
  • The “Traffic light system” displays green, yellow, or red to signify your progress and challenges. 

Between 19Seventeen’s energetic weekly coaching sessions that include brainstorming, troubleshooting, and exchanges of ideas, the GrowthWheel®  project management system, the “Fit for Growth” podcast, and access to experienced mentors, we offer you a well-rounded business coaching system that provides a firm foundation for optimizing and reinvigorating your business for success!

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