About 19Seventeen℠

The Mission:

Transforming the Goals of your Business into Reality

We do this by raising awareness of all options and possibilities in any situation,so business owners are free to make decisions.

The Vision:

Providing Business Owners, the opportunity to Willfully and Confidently traverse through the paths of perceived resistance towards a reality of achieving defined success.

The Culture Mirror:

Our underlying philosophy:

  • Repetitive, Exceptional Performance is a habit, we know what it takes to win, so we do it. It’s not what we preach it’s about what we tolerate and tolerating anything less than exceptional is disgustingly unacceptable.
  • The High Performing Team  We must all take ownership of our actions and lead when called upon. There no bad teams only bad leaders, we must all strive to be a leader that can lead at any time in any situation under any circumstance.
  • The Commitment to Integrity  Can we look ourselves in the mirror as we talk to ourselves about our actions being 100% truthful to ourselves.
  • The Commitment to Quality  Always be above and beyond mediocrity in what we do and in how we accomplish our goals.
  • A Conscientious of Abundance  Once we think we’re done; we’ve only reached 40%capacity. We strive always for the best we can be; it never ends.
  • The Callused Mindset  Overcome the war within our selfimposed limits by challenging then changing our inner voice.
  • Choose to choke on the pursuit of perfection versus choking on mediocrity.

William Eric Linzey, Senior Coach

Accredited Small Business Consultant®  by the Association of Small Business with over 25 years of working experience in the private and public sector, I’ve managed teams on different projects in many parts of the world; The United States of America, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. I’ve also been a trusted advisor to agency leadership on Programmatic issues and deeply honored to serve as an accredited advisor on official U.S.A. Delegations. 

Graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Geography & Environmental Planning and went on to the University of Maryland Global Campus, formerly UMUC, with master’s in business administration (MBA). Also have a Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University. 

I’ve enjoyed working in many different scientific and management areas as they were challenging and interdependent to the success of many programs. The people I’ve worked with and met over those years have been interesting to be around. So many individuals striving to do their part and making a huge differences in our lives. 

I’ve been intimately involved and lead teams in many areas as:

Project and Program Management

Emergency Management

Geographic Information Sciences, Remote Sensing, & Global Positioning Systems

Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation

Coastal Zone Management & Climate Change 

Geodesy & Land Surveying 

Food Security

Environmental Management & Land and Water Use Management

Agriculture & Agriculture Meteorology

Observing Systems 

Organizational Analysis & Business Development.

Public Policy Development and Implementation

My past life I served as the former Assistant Director for the United States Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency and served as the Alternate Territorial Coordinating Officer and the Governor’s Authorized Representative. 

Employed with the United States Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Washington, D.C. as a Cartographer & International Affairs Program Analyst.  Also served as an accredited Advisor the United States Government at United Nations Meetings in Geneva, Africa, the Caribbean, South American and Central America. My early years I worked in the Caribbean with a Land Surveying firm then a Planning Department with a focus on Environmental Affairs, Spatial Development, Public Housing, and Public Policy.

I’m originally from the Caribbean, born in the United States Virgin Islands. Lived on St. Maarten and Saba, where I enjoyed the outdoor life of beaches, fishing, and especially learning from my elders in the family. Many of whom I love and cherish the many fond memories of the lessons of life they instilled in me. One of the many was to work hard to earn it.

Preparation was also a lesson from my elders given the regions a huge bullseye for hurricanes forming off the west coast of Africa.  Interesting tidbit, I recently conducted some research and I was stunned to learn I’ve been through 132 hurricanes from my lifetime in the Caribbean. Will definitely dig deeper to determine which ones I experienced the eye and other impacts. I recall Hurricane Bertha and Hurricane Luis, the latter being extremely devastating. Preparing for such storms, well, there is so much involved.  

With many years of success, and learning and working in many great places, I sought another challenge as my urge to reach beyond myself is a driver, I started a company. And yes, what a challenge it has been! Decided to start my company, 19Seventeen, LLC. I’ve been in Business Consulting for over 5 years and enjoy working with business owners towards transforming their business goals into reality! Yes, I have failed in many areas and I have succeeded. My best lessons came from those failures as I dared to push the envelope teaching many valuable life and business lessons. 

The many challenges of being a business owner has allowed me to always change my perspectives on life, see things differently, do things differently without hesitation. Experiencing a devastating hurricane, one must take the lifestyle of adapt or die. Having a family relying on you is critical as this drives me to do what needs to be done to live by my personal definition of success. I look forward to next challenges life has for me as my past has certainly trained me for my future.

About my Faith:

Walk into a library and yes they still do exist or your favorite bookstore or any online resource and you’ll find a book that grabs you.

Personally, the only book impacting my life in so many positive and humbling ways is, The Holy Bible (King James Version and The Scriptures directly and closely translated from the Original Hebrew into English). It is an ongoing personal journey for me as I realize how much more I need to learn.

Awards & Achievements

The Alumni Achiever Award, which pays tribute to those who have made a significant contribution to supporting the university’s mission. William Eric Linzey ’12, MBA, was of one three Alumni honored for both his commitment to UMUC’s Career Mentor Program and his volunteer efforts on various UMUC alumni events throughout the year, 2016