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Making the decision to directly address opportunities for yourself and your business has some layers of anxiety and filled with many questions as the future is unknown.  

One of the questions we ask ourselves, what is the best option and how do I begin?

Determining the best program for you and your business is a part of the consultation process, an important initial step in your business growth. This decision forms the foundation of how one moves forward with confidence. 

It is important that both you and I start off in perfect cadence, as a strong start leads to strong outcomes. 

There are two options to consider before we start working together:

  • Business Transformation program 
  • Introductory Consulting Program

The Business Transformational Program:

This is a Private 1-to-1 Consulting over an extended period of time. The time frames may last one year or beyond. This is a program where we work together on a week to week basis focusing on the different life cycle or phases of your business. Throughout this process there is an emphasis on growth strategies and implementation ensuring we reach our goals, maintain consistent momentum, and adding value at every step of the way. A common example is the development of a Business Operations Manual. One goal is to address opportunities in your company which results in positive outcome to revenue and profit. 

Success Stories

Spirited LLC,
Carmen Jean-Baptiste, Owner

“Thanks again for working with me in improving my business and teaching me on how to grow my business in successful way. I am so happy you were there to intervene when necessary and get clarity on the business plans for my business. I must say you’re awesome, my son enjoyed your expertise and knowledge. Your work with me has given me the confidence to move forward with my business in a professional way. I can move on with confidence, thank you very much. I can view my business growth in many different ways.”

Sophies Cleaning, LLC
Daniel Hernandez, Owner

“Great advice, and great work you’ve been doing on guiding me in how to grow my business”

Henry Figueredo, Owner & Inventor

"Working with William was a great experience. William is very professional and knows a lot about starting a business. He is also very patient and understanding. William helped me see things from a totally different angle and thanks to him I was able to make wiser business decisions. I highly recommend William as a business consultant. Thank you William for all your help!"

Live Well, LLC
Lina Salazar, Founder, Head Coach

"I worked with Eric thanks to an opportunity provided to me by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The best thing about working with Eric is that he understood my business and mission. His support was particularly valuable on the marketing and sales front. Thanks to our work together, I got more comfortable with my sales pitch and tactics and enhanced my understanding of the basics of building a pipeline of clients. Eric also pushed me to think big, in terms of systems, rather than one-off services. Personally, Eric was fun and easy to work with. As a small businesswoman, Eric's guidance was highly valuable."

Introductory Consulting Program:

This option is a short-term opportunity to work on a focused and specific area or areas of your business. This is best for the development or re-development of a management system or a business system within the business life cycle. The option is similar to the Business Transformation Program as we work 1:2:1; however, the time frames are between 25 and 45 hours.  A common example is the development of one or two chapters of a Business Operational Manual. This is considered “blocks of time”. The approach is a structured process with an analysis and an agreed upon work-plan and work schedule from the onset.

There is one more thing to consider and that is what can we expect.  Yes, what can I expect from you and you from me. I did mention earlier “…a strong start leads to strong outcomes”.

Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Our Expected Outcomes – Together we will work relentlessly in creating a win for you and your business
  • Your Expectation of me – To raise awareness of all options and possibilities in any situation, so you are free to make decisions
  • My Expectation of you – To be willing and able to move forward decisively and to celebrate your success with your loved ones  

So now, to answer your second question, how do we begin? 

Simple. Complete the process by applying for a Complimentary Consult below.

I am looking forward to meeting and and working with you!

Start by applying for a Complimentary Consult

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