Tips for Start Ups

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A few tips for StartUPS

There is so much great advice out there for starting a business. Below are a few points one can use. Of course, this isn’t the end all be all, it’s just a few things to think about when considering starting a business. 

  • Why are you doing this? Really, why are you starting a business? Think deeply about this question and answer yourself honestly. Then answer the question by saying it as you look into the mirror. 
  • Understand if consumers will purchase what you’re selling and not what is it that you’re selling to consumers. The distinction is this: will the market respond favorably to what you have to offer it? What is the specific problem you’re attempting to offer a solution to? It’s not who will you sell you to, it’s about who will buy from you. Understand your target market or niche. 
  • Surround yourself with individuals who you will learn from, who will believe in you, who will challenge you, and who will help you. Go to those who have done it before. 
  • Ask clear and precise questions, learn, take notes, study the art and science of business ownership, be humble, act like it’s day one of kindergarten as it matters not if you have a PhD. Business ownership is a new beginning. Understand and accept what you don’t know and learn from the mistakes you will make! Yes, we all made, and will make mistakes throughout this journey. 
  • Change no matter what! Change your perspectives, how you approach situations, be fully open to change. Comfort zone is the antithesis to change. 
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