A few tips for growing your business

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A few tips for Growing your Business

Growth is dependent on an abundance of factors. Consider as many factors as possible as clarity is the key to a successful transformation. Here a just a few things to consider. 

  • Business Growth is getting from Point A to Point B, also known as “as is state 🡪 to be state”. One important step is to have complete clarity on what Point A truly looks like before defining Point B, as your destination could change to Point S. 
  • Be Decisive. Make the decision to either say YES or NO. Maybe is not a decision. Maybe cold inject ambiguity into your process possibly creating stagnation or what is known paralysis by analysis. 
  • Business Growth will challenge your comfort zones, forget your comfort and move forward towards your goals. Change is hard because it takes difficult, sometimes awkward, dedicated, life-altering work! Believe in yourself and your team who will work with you towards that goal. 
  • Be Decisive and Adapt! Learn and adapt expeditiously as plans will change but not your goals.
  • Make the decision to grow your company. Apply for a complimentary consulting session with 19Seventeen, LLC – http://19Seventeen.com/our-services/  

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